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ARK: Survival Evolved:

PvP FiberCraft 1000x

Hosted in Canada, Qu├ębec

Welcome to ARK Fibercraft, the ultimate ARK: Survival Evolved experience where imagination knows no bounds! Our 12-map cluster takes crafting to a whole new level, where almost everything can be meticulously woven from the finest Fiber. With an array of mods and plugins, including Super Structures and Dino Storage, we've redefined the ARK universe for you.

Fiber-fueled Creations:
In our Fibercraft universe, the possibilities are endless. Craft intricate bases, advanced weaponry, and exotic tools entirely from Fiber. Embrace your creativity and push the boundaries of survival crafting like never before. We've modified the game to make Fiber the cornerstone of your adventures.

Abundant Resources:
Gather, harvest, and craft to your heart's content. The Fiber-based economy ensures that you'll always have the materials you need to bring your wildest ideas to life. Never again worry about running out of resources as you explore our diverse and vibrant cluster of 12 maps.

Plugins Galore:
Our server is not just about Fibercraft; we've added a plethora of plugins to enhance your gameplay. Dive into our shop, where you can exchange your hard-earned points for valuable items and gear. Plus, don't miss our free starter kits that reset every Friday at 7PM, giving you the edge you need to thrive.

Rewards and Challenges:
Earn 20,000 starter points and 5,000 gold coins with each wipe to kickstart your adventure. Show your mastery of Fibercraft by conquering the ARK without the safety net of Offline Raid Protection (ORP). Engage in intense PvP battles with 8-man tribes and prove your dominance in a world where skill and strategy reign supreme.

Thriving Community:
At ARK Fibercraft, you're never alone in your quest for survival. Join a vibrant and active community of survivors who share your passion for this unique ARK experience. With peak player counts reaching 137 players in May 2023 and an average of 60-100 players on Saturdays just after a wipe, our servers are buzzing with life. On regular days, you can expect to find 20-60 players online, ensuring there's always someone to interact with.

The Future of ARK Awaits:
Whether you're a seasoned ARK veteran or new to the world of Fibercraft, our cluster offers an unparalleled adventure. Explore the vast landscapes, conquer untamed creatures, and build awe-inspiring Fiber creations that will leave your fellow survivors in awe. Join ARK Fibercraft today and redefine what it means to thrive in the ARK universe.

Are you ready to embark on a journey where Fiber reigns supreme, challenges are aplenty, and the community is thriving? Join ARK Fibercraft and experience ARK: Survival Evolved in a whole new light!

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Server links

FreshWipeLand :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7789 | Query Port: 27028)

The Center :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7681 | Query Port: 26019)
Vote for points:

Ragnarok :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7680 | Query Port: 26018)
Vote for points:

Lost Island :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7682 | Query Port: 26020)
Vote for points:

GenTwo :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7786 | Query Port: 27025)
Vote for points:

The Island :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7778 | Query Port: 27016)
Vote for points:

Valguero :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7784 | Query Port: 27023)
Vote for points:

Aberration :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7777 | Query Port: 27015)
Vote for points:

ScorchedEarth :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7788 | Query Port: 27027)
Vote for points:

Genesis :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7785 | Query Port: 27024)
Vote for points:

Fjordur :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7792 | Query Port: 27029)
Vote for points:

Extinction :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7787 | Query Port: 27026)
Vote for points:

Crystal Isles :

Connect with STEAM

IP: (Game Port: 7790 | Query Port: 27030)
Vote for points: