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[PVE] Tribe: Goal & mission

The main goal of the PVE tribe is to give you time to build up and catch up to the bigger established tribes and to leave the PVE tribe to become a PVP player when you are ready.

If you intend in being a full time PVE player with no PVP intent
You may want to join the ADMIN tribe. Make a request in the discord. Only trusted players that have been around at least 3-4 weeks can join the ADMIN tribe.

Admin tribe players in time can become official server helpers or even full fledge admins if the need is there and if they want to. However please dont ask to be a full fledge admin. The role gets offered when the existing pool of admins have trust in you and the server is in need of a new admin.

[PVE] Tribe: Rules & Info

  • You can join the PVE tribe only once(1). Once you leave you can not rejoin.
  • 2 maps have a protected community base with an ADMIN shield (Offline & Online Protection while inside of the admin shield).
    Community base
    • The bottom floor is a fully public area. with a finders finders-keepers policy. Please share and leave stuff for others that will be starting. Dont leave anything important there.
    • On the upper floors of the community base each player can claim 1 personal room. (You can store anything that can fit in it.)
    • On each floor with personal rooms a chest with tek double doors is available. Take 1 door and put it on your room and pin code it.
    • Do not leave any personal dinos in the community bases. Any dinos left in a community bases become "finders keepers". So please dont leave your dinos laying around.
    • PVE Tribe dinos are to be brought back once done using them. If you kill any tribe dinos please breed or tame an equivalent level replacement.
  • The PVE tribe is a public tribe. (One big downside to having this PVE protection). Anyone can join at any time. pin code your gates, doors, vaults, fridges, ETC. Only players with the pin code will be able to access anything you add a pin code to. Note: If you leave your dinos out in the open and not behind locked doors other PVE tribe players can come and steal them from you. So lock them up or put them in a cryfridge with pincode.
  • I recommend once you are ready, meaning you have alot of value in the PVE tribe,to split off with your stuff and make a PVP tribe. If your personal base is starting to look overly PVP ready, or you seem to be taking alot of space, an ADMIN may judge you no longer belong in the PVE tribe and should no longer have protection to keep growing. In other words, if your personal base and dino count is starting to match the size of active PVP tribes, ADMINS will not let you grow bigger with the PVE protection. The point of the PVE tribe is to catch up.
  • In the PVE tribe you build your own base. Some dinos and workstations are available at the community base but if you kill or break anything you need to replace it. Tame your own dinos.
  • Most important rule. You are not to attack ANYONE on ANY MAP while you are in any PVE tribe across the cluster. If you wish to do PVP. Make sure you collect all your things from the PVE community bases. Leave the PVE tribe on all maps. Then you are free to start engaging in PVP. Anything you leave behind in any of the community bases will become free for all, first come first serv.
  • Dino taming is set to personal owned. So when you leave the PVE tribe your dinos stays yours.
  • You are allowed to do pve things with pvp players, like bosses, genesis missions, farmin, etc. You are allowed to trade with pvp players.
  • You can only PVP in arranged manner where both partys accept. You can do duels or even full on raids if they are agreed apon before started by the pve player and a pvp tribe. Both sides please takes screenshots of the agreement. No screenshots and Admins will favor the PVE tribe that are not suppose to PVP. So takes Screenshots!
  • Building is set to personal owned. So you own everything you build. You can demolish your own stuff as needed. if you leave the PVE tribe your structurs will stay your own.
  • If you are caught active on any map in the PVE tribe and are also active on a diffrent map in a PVP tribe you will be admin-wiped. SO DONT DO IT. Leave all the PVE tribes on all maps before you engage in PVP. If you have tribe mates. They will be punished for your actions! To all PVP tribe leaders make sure none of your players are in any of the PVE tribes.
  • DISCLAIMER: Note that not every new player on the server reads the rules. So when you are not at base be carefull, it is possible accidents may occure. I strongly advise for you to pay attention to your surroundings if anyone comes near you i recommend to chat in local chat to make it clear that you are in the PVE tribe. The PVE tribe name on your head can be hard to read so do not rely on that. If they start attacking you in global say "NO PVP, F1 READ THE RULES." and take screenshots as much as possible if you think you or your dino will die. Admins have access to the PVE tribe logs so they will handle the situation. You can ask in our Discord in the #help channel @Admin if you need assistance. Someone will help you as soon as they can. Please no spamming for help. If you are being wiped. The tribe wipeing you will be wiped as soon as an Admin logs on. Don't worry. If you are raided admins may refund you SOME of your stuff based off whats we can see in the tribe log. Exact dinos are hard to impossible to replace. So we will see the best we can do.
  • If a PvP player kills one or more of your dinos or destroy any of your structures, They should replace or refund of equivalent value of what they destroyed or killed and also considering the building time that was lost to avoid admin punishement.
  • *NOTE if you join the PVE tribe and have existing structures in a tribe set to tribe owned structures.
    Thoses structures will be permanently owned by the PVE tribe as soon as you join and then you will be unable to demolish any of thoses old structures without a tribe admin. Also apon leaving the PVE tribe thoses tribe ownwed structures will stay in the PVE tribe.

    TO AVOID THIS: Please demolish or pickup any existing bases you may have before joining the PVE tribe.

To join NOW login first

Step 1: Load your current survivor

  • Make sure you have your survivor currently logged in on the map you wish to join the tribe.
  • This step can take between 1 and 3 minutes. The web platform needs to connect to the ARK server to obtain your PlayerID using your SteamID.
  • The PlayerID obtained will only be valid for 15 minutes in the web platform. If step-2 is not completed within that time frame, step-1 will need to be repeated.
  • Note that only The Island and Aberration maps have a PVE community base.

Choose the map you want to join the PVE tribe on.

One moment please...
Do not refresh the page.


Step 2: Join tribe

  • Make sure you have your survivor currently logged in on the map you wish to join the tribe.
  • This step can take between 1 and 3 minutes. The web platform needs to connect to the ARK server to add you to the tribe.
  • If you have created mutiple survivors on the selected map, it is possible that this script will fail and you may need to ask an admin to add you to the PVE tribe.

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