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Shop command list: [ASA] PvP FiberCraft 1000x


Artifact Of The Brute x1Price: 100/buy artifact_brute
Artifact Of The Clever x1Price: 100/buy artifact_clever
Artifact Of The Cunning x1Price: 100/buy artifact_cunning
Artifact Of The Devourer x1Price: 100/buy artifact_devourer
Artifact Of The Hunter x1Price: 100/buy artifact_hunter
Artifact Of The Immune x1Price: 100/buy artifact_immune
Artifact Of The Massive x1Price: 100/buy artifact_massive
Artifact Of The Pack x1Price: 100/buy artifact_pack
Artifact Of The Skylord x1Price: 100/buy artifact_skylord
Artifact Of The Strong x1Price: 100/buy artifact_strong


Cooked Meat (200x)Price: 15/buy food
Filled CanteenPrice: 15/buy water
Medical brew (10x)Price: 100/buy medbrew
Mindwipe TonicPrice: 30/buy mindwipe
Narcotic (100x)Price: 15/buy narcotic100
Stimulant (100x)Price: 15/buy stimulant100
Mindwipe packPrice:Free: 2/kit mindpack

Dinos (Neutered)

Neutered Level 449 AnglerfishPrice: 449/buy angler
Neutered Level 449 AnkylosaurusPrice: 449/buy anky
Neutered Level 449 ArgentavisPrice: 449/buy argi
Neutered Level 449 ArthroplueraPrice: 449/buy arthro
Neutered Level 449 BaryonyxPrice: 449/buy bary
Neutered Level 449 BasilosaurusPrice: 449/buy basilo
Neutered Level 449 BeelzebufoPrice: 449/buy beelzebufo
Neutered Level 449 CarbonemysPrice: 449/buy carbo
Neutered Level 449 CarcharodontosaurusPrice: 4490/buy carchar
Neutered Level 449 CarnotaurusPrice: 449/buy carno
Neutered Level 449 CastoroidesPrice: 449/buy casto
Neutered Level 449 DaeodonPrice: 449/buy daeodon
Neutered Level 449 DirebearPrice: 449/buy direbear
Neutered Level 449 DoedicurusPrice: 449/buy doed
Neutered Level 449 GiganotosaurusPrice: 2245/buy giga
Neutered Level 449 IchthyosaurusPrice: 449/buy ichthy
Neutered Level 449 MammothPrice: 449/buy mammoth
Neutered Level 449 MegalodonPrice: 449/buy megalodon
Neutered Level 449 MegatheriumPrice: 449/buy mega
Neutered Level 449 MosasaurusPrice: 449/buy mosa
Neutered Level 449 OviraptorPrice: 449/buy oviraptor
Neutered Level 449 PegomastaxPrice: 446/buy pego
Neutered Level 449 ProcoptodonPrice: 449/buy proco
Neutered Level 449 PteranodonPrice: 449/buy ptera
Neutered Level 449 PurloviaPrice: 446/buy purlovia
Neutered Level 449 QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 449/buy quetz
Neutered Level 449 RexPrice: 449/buy rex
Neutered Level 449 Sheep (Ovis)Price: 449/buy sheep
Neutered Level 449 SnailPrice: 449/buy snail
Neutered Level 449 SpinosaurPrice: 449/buy spino
Neutered Level 449 StegoPrice: 449/buy stego
Neutered Level 449 TapejaraPrice: 449/buy tape
Neutered Level 449 Terror BirdPrice: 449/buy terrorbird
Neutered Level 449 TherizinosaurPrice: 449/buy theri
Neutered Level 449 ThylacoleoPrice: 449/buy thyla
Neutered Level 449 TriceratopsPrice: 449/buy trike
Neutered Level 449 TroodonPrice: 446/buy troodon
Neutered Level 449 TusoteuthisPrice: 449/buy tuso
Neutered Level 449 Woolly RhinoPrice: 449/buy rhino
Neutered Level 449 YutyrannusPrice: 449/buy yuty
Neutered Level 538 Tek QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 538/buy tekquetz

Dinos (UnNeutered)

Level 449 AnglerfishPrice: 649/buy breedangler
Level 449 AnkylosaurusPrice: 649/buy breedanky
Level 449 ArgentavisPrice: 649/buy breedargi
Level 449 ArthroplueraPrice: 649/buy breedarthro
Level 449 BaryonyxPrice: 649/buy breedbary
Level 449 BasilosaurusPrice: 649/buy breedbasilo
Level 449 BeelzebufoPrice: 649/buy breedbeelzebufo
Level 449 CarbonemysPrice: 649/buy breedcarbo
Level 449 CarcharodontosaurusPrice: 6490/buy breedcarchar
Level 449 CarnotaurusPrice: 649/buy breedcarno
Level 449 CastoroidesPrice: 649/buy breedcasto
Level 449 DaeodonPrice: 649/buy breeddaeodon
Level 449 DirebearPrice: 649/buy breeddirebear
Level 449 DoedicurusPrice: 649/buy breeddoed
Level 449 GiganotosaurusPrice: 3245/buy breedgiga
Level 449 IchthyosaurusPrice: 649/buy breedichthy
Level 449 MammothPrice: 649/buy breedmammoth
Level 449 MegalodonPrice: 649/buy breedmegalodon
Level 449 MegatheriumPrice: 649/buy breedmega
Level 449 MosasaurusPrice: 649/buy breedmosa
Level 449 OviraptorPrice: 649/buy breedoviraptor
Level 449 PegomastaxPrice: 649/buy breedpego
Level 449 ProcoptodonPrice: 649/buy breedproco
Level 449 PteranodonPrice: 649/buy breedptera
Level 449 PurloviaPrice: 649/buy breedpurlovia
Level 449 QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 649/buy breedquetz
Level 449 RexPrice: 649/buy breedrex
Level 449 Sheep (Ovis)Price: 649/buy breedsheep
Level 449 SnailPrice: 649/buy breedsnail
Level 449 SpinosaurPrice: 649/buy breedspino
Level 449 StegoPrice: 649/buy breedstego
Level 449 TapejaraPrice: 649/buy breedtape
Level 449 Terror BirdPrice: 649/buy breedterrorbird
Level 449 TherizinosaurPrice: 649/buy breedtheri
Level 449 ThylacoleoPrice: 649/buy breedthyla
Level 449 TriceratopsPrice: 649/buy breedtrike
Level 449 TroodonPrice: 649/buy breedtroodon
Level 449 TusoteuthisPrice: 649/buy breedtuso
Level 449 Woolly RhinoPrice: 649/buy breedrhino
Level 449 YutyrannusPrice: 649/buy breedyuty
Level 5 AnglerfishPrice: 5/buy verylowangler
Level 5 AnkylosaurusPrice: 5/buy verylowanky
Level 5 ArgentavisPrice: 5/buy verylowargi
Level 5 ArthroplueraPrice: 5/buy verylowarthro
Level 5 BaryonyxPrice: 5/buy verylowbary
Level 5 BasilosaurusPrice: 5/buy verylowbasilo
Level 5 BeelzebufoPrice: 5/buy verylowbeelzebufo
Level 5 CarbonemysPrice: 5/buy verylowcarbo
Level 5 CarcharodontosaurusPrice: 50/buy verylowcarchar
Level 5 CarnotaurusPrice: 5/buy verylowcarno
Level 5 CastoroidesPrice: 5/buy verylowcasto
Level 5 DaeodonPrice: 5/buy verylowdaeodon
Level 5 DirebearPrice: 5/buy verylowdirebear
Level 5 DoedicurusPrice: 5/buy verylowdoed
Level 5 GiganotosaurusPrice: 25/buy verylowgiga
Level 5 IchthyosaurusPrice: 5/buy verylowichthy
Level 5 MammothPrice: 5/buy verylowmammoth
Level 5 MegalodonPrice: 5/buy verylowmegalodon
Level 5 MegatheriumPrice: 5/buy verylowmega
Level 5 MosasaurusPrice: 5/buy verylowmosa
Level 5 OviraptorPrice: 5/buy verylowoviraptor
Level 5 PegomastaxPrice: 5/buy verylowpego
Level 5 ProcoptodonPrice: 5/buy verylowproco
Level 5 PteranodonPrice: 5/buy verylowptera
Level 5 PurloviaPrice: 5/buy verylowpurlovia
Level 5 QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 5/buy verylowquetz
Level 5 RexPrice: 5/buy verylowrex
Level 5 Sheep (Ovis)Price: 5/buy verylowsheep
Level 5 SnailPrice: 5/buy verylowsnail
Level 5 SpinosaurPrice: 5/buy verylowspino
Level 5 StegoPrice: 5/buy verylowstego
Level 5 TapejaraPrice: 5/buy verylowtape
Level 5 Terror BirdPrice: 5/buy verylowterrorbird
Level 5 TherizinosaurPrice: 5/buy verylowtheri
Level 5 ThylacoleoPrice: 5/buy verylowthyla
Level 5 TriceratopsPrice: 5/buy verylowtrike
Level 5 TroodonPrice: 5/buy verylowtroodon
Level 5 TusoteuthisPrice: 5/buy verylowtuso
Level 5 Woolly RhinoPrice: 5/buy verylowrhino
Level 5 YutyrannusPrice: 5/buy verylowyuty
Level 538 Tek QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 738/buy breedtekquetz
Level 6 Tek QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 6/buy verylowtekquetz


Legendary Assault RiflePrice: 300/buy assaultrifle
Legendary Assault Rifle BlueprintPrice: 650/buy bp_assaultrifle
Legendary Compound BowPrice: 325/buy compbow
Legendary Compound Bow BlueprintPrice: 900/buy bp_compbow
Legendary CrossbowPrice: 325/buy crossbow
Legendary Crossbow BlueprintPrice: 300/buy bp_crossbow
Legendary Fabricated Sniper RiflePrice: 600/buy sniper
Legendary Fabricated Sniper Rifle BlueprintPrice: 1150/buy bp_sniper
Legendary Fishing Rod BlueprintPrice: 600/buy bp_fishingrod
Legendary Flak Armor (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands)Price: 250/buy hidearmor
Legendary Flak Armor (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands, Shield)Price: 375/buy flakarmor
Legendary Flak Armor Blueprint (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands, Shield)Price: 1200/buy bp_flakarmor
Legendary Fur Armor (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands)Price: 425/buy furarmor
Legendary Fur Armor Blueprint (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands)Price: 1325/buy bp_furarmor
Legendary Gas mask BlueprintPrice: 400/buy bp_gasmask
Legendary Ghillie Armor (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands)Price: 375/buy ghilliearmor
Legendary Ghillie Armor Blueprint (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands)Price: 1150/buy bp_ghilliearmor
Legendary Harpoon GunPrice: 325/buy harpoon
Legendary Hide Armor Blueprint (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands)Price: 550/buy bp_hidearmor
Legendary Longneck RiflePrice: 325/buy longneck
Legendary Longneck Rifle BlueprintPrice: 325/buy bp_longneck
Legendary Riot Armor (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands, Shield)Price: 400/buy riotarmor
Legendary Riot Armor Blueprint (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands, Shield)Price: 1250/buy bp_riotarmor
Legendary Scuba suit (Mask, Tank, Leggings, Flippers)Price: 400/buy scubasuit
Legendary Scuba suit Blueprint (Mask, Tank, Leggings, Flippers)Price: 625/buy bp_scubasuit
Legendary ShotgunPrice: 300/buy shotgun
Legendary Shotgun BlueprintPrice: 675/buy bp_shotgun
Legendary Tek Armor (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands, Shield) *Require Tek Engrames first*Price: 1500/buy tekarmor
Legendary Tek Armor Blueprint (Head, Chest, Leggins, Boots, Hands, Shield) *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 3250/buy bp_tekarmor
Legendary Tek Rifle *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 1800/buy tekrifle
Legendary Tek Rifle Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 3325/buy bp_tekrifle
Legendary Tek Sword *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 1800/buy teksword
Legendary Tek Sword Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 3325/buy bp_teksword
Legendary Tools (Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, Metal Sickle, Metal Pike)Price: 280/buy tools
Legendary Tools Blueprint (Metal Hatchet, Metal Pick, Metal Sickle, Metal Pike)Price: 500/buy bp_tools
Legendary Wooden ClubPrice: 150/buy club
Legendary Wooden Club BlueprintPrice: 325/buy bp_club
Tek base kitPrice: 10000/buy tekbase


ARK Premium 2x Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium2x_monthly
ARK Premium 3x Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium3x_monthly
ARK Premium 4x Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium4x_monthly
ARK Premium Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium1x_monthly
Basic Tek armorPrice: 250 Free: 5/buykit fibertekarmor
/kit fibertekarmor
Boost Discord and get pointsPrice:Free: 1/kit discord_monthly_boost
Farming packPrice:Free: 1/kit farmingpack
Max Ascend (up to 275, Suicide after claiming)Price:Free: 1/kit alllevels
PvP Pack (Weapons, Armor, ammo & food)Price:Free: 5/kit pvppack
Raiding pack (Explosives & Gear)Price:Free: 5/kit raidpack
Starter kitPrice:Free: 5/kit fiberstarter
Starter PointsPrice:Free: 1/kit starterpoints
Your Daily login rewardPrice:Free: 1/kit daily_pack


Element (1x)Price: 1/buy element
Element shard (10x)Price: 1/buy elementshard
Fertilizer (50x)Price: 30/buy fert50
Fiber (1000x)Price: 1/buy fiber
Gasoline (2500x)Price: 100/buy gasoline2500


Basic Platform Paraceratherium SaddlePrice: 20/buy paraplatsaddle
Good Ankylosaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy ankysaddle
Good Argentavis SaddlePrice: 20/buy argisaddle
Good Arthropluera SaddlePrice: 20/buy arthrosaddle
Good Baryonyx SaddlePrice: 20/buy barysaddle
Good Basilosaurus SaddlePrice: 40/buy basilosaddle
Good Beelzebufo SaddlePrice: 20/buy beelzebufosaddle
Good Carbonemys SaddlePrice: 20/buy carbosaddle
Good Carcharodontosaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy carcharsaddle
Good Carnotaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy carnosaddle
Good Castoroides SaddlePrice: 20/buy castosaddle
Good Daeodon SaddlePrice: 20/buy daeodonaddle
Good Direbear SaddlePrice: 20/buy direbearsaddle
Good Doedicurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy doedsaddle
Good Giganotosaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy gigasaddle
Good Ichthyosaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy ichthysaddle
Good Mammoth SaddlePrice: 20/buy mammothsaddle
Good Mantis SaddlePrice: 20/buy mantissaddle
Good Megalodon SaddlePrice: 20/buy megalodonsaddle
Good Megalosaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy megalossaddle
Good Megatherium SaddlePrice: 20/buy megasaddle
Good Mosasaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy mosasaddle
Good Paraceratherium SaddlePrice: 30/buy parasaddle
Good Parasaur SaddlePrice: 20/buy parasaursaddle
Good Platform Paraceratherium SaddlePrice: 25/buy goodparaplatsaddle
Good Platform Quetzalcoatlus SaddlePrice: 25/buy quetzplatsaddle
Good Procoptodon SaddlePrice: 20/buy procoaddle
Good Pteranodon SaddlePrice: 20/buy pterasaddle
Good Quetzalcoatlus SaddlePrice: 20/buy quetzsaddle
Good Rex SaddlePrice: 20/buy rexsaddle
Good Spinosaur SaddlePrice: 20/buy spinosaddle
Good Stego SaddlePrice: 20/buy stegosaddle
Good Tapejara SaddlePrice: 20/buy xtapesaddle
Good Terror Bird SaddlePrice: 20/buy terrorbirdsaddle
Good Therizinosaur SaddlePrice: 20/buy therisaddle
Good Thylacoleo SaddlePrice: 20/buy thylasaddle
Good Triceratops SaddlePrice: 20/buy trikesaddle
Good Tusoteuthis SaddlePrice: 20/buy tusosaddle
Good Woolly Rhino SaddlePrice: 20/buy rhinosaddle
Good Yutyrannus SaddlePrice: 20/buy yutysaddle
Legendary Argentavis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_argisaddle
Legendary Arthropluera Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_arthrosaddle
Legendary Baryonyx Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_barysaddle
Legendary Basilosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_basilosaddle
Legendary Carbonemys Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_carbosaddle
Legendary Carcharodontosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_carcharsaddle
Legendary Equus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_equussaddle
Legendary Giganotosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_gigasaddle
Legendary Mammoth Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_mammothsaddle
Legendary Megalodon Tek saddlePrice: 5000/buy teksaddlemega
Legendary Megalodon Tek saddle BlueprintPrice: 10000/buy bp_teksaddlemega
Legendary Megatherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_megatheriumsaddle
Legendary Mosasaur Platform Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_mosaplatsaddle
Legendary Mosasaur Tek saddlePrice: 5000/buy teksaddlemosa
Legendary Mosasaur Tek saddle BlueprintPrice: 10000/buy bp_teksaddlemosa
Legendary Parasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_parasaursaddle
Legendary Platform Paraceratherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_paracerplatsaddle
Legendary Platform Quetzalcoatlus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_quetzplatsaddle
Legendary Pteranodon Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_pterasaddle
Legendary Rex Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_rexsaddle
Legendary Rex Tek saddlePrice: 5000/buy teksaddlerex
Legendary Rex Tek saddle BlueprintPrice: 10000/buy bp_teksaddlerex
Legendary Spinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_spinosaddle
Legendary Stegosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_stegosaddle
Legendary Tapejara Tek saddlePrice: 5000/buy teksaddletape
Legendary Tapejara Tek saddle BlueprintPrice: 10000/buy bp_teksaddletape
Legendary Terror Bird Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_terrorbirdsaddle
Legendary Therizinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_therisaddle
Legendary Thylacoleo Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_thylasaddle
Legendary Triceratops Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_trikesaddle
Legendary Tusoteuthis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1350/buy bp_tusosaddle
Legendary Woolly Rhino Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_rhinosaddle
Legendary Yutyrannus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1175/buy bp_yutysaddle


Berry seed pack (x50 each)Price: 25/buy berryseedpack
Vegetable seed pack (x50 each)Price: 25/buy vegseedpack
X seed pack (x50)Price: 75/buy xseedpack