StiGMaToPiA Servers

Shop command list: [ASE] PvP 8man 20x NoWipe


Adv Rifle Bullets (250x)Price: 75/buy turretammo
Advanced Sniper Bullet (250x)Price: 100/buy sniperammo
Flamethrower Ammo (250x)Price: 250/buy flameammo
Shocking Tranquilizer Dart (100x)Price: 75/buy shock100
Simple Shotgun Ammo (250x)Price: 75/buy shotgunammo
Tranq Arrow (100x)Price: 30/buy tranq100
Tranquilizer Dart (100x)Price: 45/buy darts100


Gen 1 and 2 mission complete (Buy this after a mission is started to complete it)Price: 1000/buy skipmission
Gold coinPrice: 1/buy goldcoin
Platinum coinPrice: 100/buy platcoin
XP potionPrice: 200/buy xp_potion
XP potion (For Dinos)Price: 400/buy xp_dino_potion
Auction house 1 Gold coinPrice: 1/sell sellahcoingold
Auction house 1 Platinum coinPrice: 100/sell sellahcoinplat


Artifact Of Chaos x1Price: 450/buy artifact_chaos
Artifact Of Growth x1Price: 450/buy artifact_growth
Artifact Of The Brute x1Price: 450/buy artifact_brute
Artifact Of The Clever x1Price: 450/buy artifact_clever
Artifact Of The Crag x1Price: 450/buy artifact_crag
Artifact Of The Cunning x1Price: 450/buy artifact_cunning
Artifact Of The Depths x1Price: 450/buy artifact_depths
Artifact Of The Destroyer x1Price: 450/buy artifact_destroyer
Artifact Of The Devious x1Price: 450/buy artifact_devious
Artifact Of The Devourer x1Price: 450/buy artifact_devourer
Artifact Of The Gatekeeper x1Price: 450/buy artifact_gatekeeper
Artifact Of The Hunter x1Price: 450/buy artifact_hunter
Artifact Of The Immune x1Price: 450/buy artifact_immune
Artifact Of The Lost x1Price: 450/buy artifact_lost
Artifact Of The Massive x1Price: 450/buy artifact_massive
Artifact Of The Pack x1Price: 450/buy artifact_pack
Artifact Of The Shadows x1Price: 450/buy artifact_shadows
Artifact Of The Skylord x1Price: 450/buy artifact_skylord
Artifact Of The Stalker x1Price: 450/buy artifact_stalker
Artifact Of The Strong x1Price: 450/buy artifact_strong
Artifact Of the Void x1Price: 450/buy artifact_void

Boss Summon kits

All Island Broodmother Alpha TribuesPrice: 1500/buy boss_summon_kit_isl_brood
All Island Dragon Alpha TribuesPrice: 2500/buy boss_summon_kit_isl_dragon
All Island Megapithecus Alpha TribuesPrice: 1500/buy boss_summon_kit_isl_mega
All Islands Tek cave Alpha TrophiesPrice: 7500/buy boss_summon_kit_isl_asc_alpha
All Islands Tek cave Beta TrophiesPrice: 4500/buy boss_summon_kit_isl_asc_beta
All Islands Tek cave Gamma TrophiesPrice: 3000/buy boss_summon_kit_isl_asc_gamma
All Ragnarok Alpha TribuesPrice: 4500/buy boss_summon_kit_rag
All Rockwell Alpha TribuesPrice: 3000/buy boss_summon_kit_abr_rockwell
All The Center Alpha TribuesPrice: 3500/buy boss_summon_kit_center
All Valguero Alpha TribuesPrice: 4000/buy boss_summon_kit_valguero
All Wyvern Queen Alpha TributesPrice: 4000/buy boss_summon_kit_crystal


Cooked Meat (200x)Price: 15/buy food
Filled CanteenPrice: 15/buy water
Lesser AntidotePrice: 50/buy antidote
Medical brew (10x)Price: 100/buy medbrew
Mindwipe TonicPrice: 30/buy mindwipe
Narcotic (100x)Price: 15/buy narcotic100
Stimulant (100x)Price: 50/buy stimulant100

Dinos (Neutered)

Neutered Level 300 DeinonychusPrice: 700/buy deinonychus
Neutered Level 380 Fire WyvernPrice: 1700/buy firewyvern
Neutered Level 380 Ice WyvernPrice: 1700/buy icewyvern
Neutered Level 380 Lightning WyvernPrice: 1700/buy lightningwyvern
Neutered Level 380 MagmasaurPrice: 2000/buy magmasaur
Neutered Level 380 Poison WyvernPrice: 1700/buy poisonwyvern
Neutered Level 380 Rock DrakePrice: 1900/buy rockdrake
Neutered Level 380 VoidwyrmPrice: 3000/buy voidwyrm
Neutered Level 380 Zombie Fire WyvernPrice: 2000/buy zombiefirewyvern
Neutered Level 380 Zombie Fire WyvernPrice: 4000/buy breedzombiefirewyvern
Neutered Level 380 Zombie Lightning WyvernPrice: 2000/buy zombielightningwyvern
Neutered Level 380 Zombie Poison WyvernPrice: 2000/buy zombiepoisonwyvern
Neutered Level 449 Aberrant MegalosaurusPrice: 750/buy megalos
Neutered Level 449 Aberrant ParaceratheriumPrice: 850/buy para
Neutered Level 449 Aberrant ParasaurPrice: 300/buy parasaur
Neutered Level 449 AmargasaurusPrice: 2000/buy amarga
Neutered Level 449 AndrewsarchusPrice: 3500/buy andrew
Neutered Level 449 AnglerfishPrice: 600/buy angler
Neutered Level 449 AnkylosaurusPrice: 500/buy anky
Neutered Level 449 ArgentavisPrice: 500/buy argi
Neutered Level 449 ArthroplueraPrice: 600/buy arthro
Neutered Level 449 AstrodelphisPrice: 4500/buy astro
Neutered Level 449 BasilosaurusPrice: 600/buy basilo
Neutered Level 449 BeelzebufoPrice: 600/buy beelzebufo
Neutered Level 449 BloodstalkerPrice: 1500/buy bloodstalker
Neutered Level 449 BulbdogPrice: 200/buy bulbdog
Neutered Level 449 CarbonemysPrice: 500/buy carbo
Neutered Level 449 CarcharodontosaurusPrice: 6000/buy carchar
Neutered Level 449 CarnotaurusPrice: 500/buy carno
Neutered Level 449 CastoroidesPrice: 500/buy casto
Neutered Level 449 Crystal Wyvern (Blood)Price: 2000/buy bloodwyvern
Neutered Level 449 Crystal Wyvern (Ember)Price: 2000/buy emberwyvern
Neutered Level 449 Crystal Wyvern (Tropical)Price: 2000/buy tropicalwyvern
Neutered Level 449 DaeodonPrice: 450/buy daeodon
Neutered Level 449 DesmodusPrice: 3500/buy desmodus
Neutered Level 449 DinopithecusPrice: 2000/buy dinopit
Neutered Level 449 DirebearPrice: 500/buy direbear
Neutered Level 449 DoedicurusPrice: 500/buy doed
Neutered Level 449 FeroxPrice: 2000/buy ferox
Neutered Level 449 FjordhawkPrice: 3500/buy fjordhawk
Neutered Level 449 GachaPrice: 970/buy gacha
Neutered Level 449 GasbagPrice: 650/buy gasbag
Neutered Level 449 GiganotosaurusPrice: 5000/buy giga
Neutered Level 449 IchthyosaurusPrice: 400/buy ichthy
Neutered Level 449 MammothPrice: 500/buy mammoth
Neutered Level 449 ManagarmrPrice: 2000/buy managarmr
Neutered Level 449 MantisPrice: 800/buy mantis
Neutered Level 449 MegalodonPrice: 600/buy megalodon
Neutered Level 449 MegatheriumPrice: 1000/buy mega
Neutered Level 449 OvisPrice: 500/buy sheep
Neutered Level 449 ProcoptodonPrice: 500/buy proco
Neutered Level 449 PteranodonPrice: 400/buy ptera
Neutered Level 449 QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 1500/buy quetz
Neutered Level 449 R-CarbonemysPrice: 700/buy rcarbo
Neutered Level 449 R-GiganotosaurusPrice: 6000/buy rgiga
Neutered Level 449 R-QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 2000/buy rquetz
Neutered Level 449 R-VelonasaurPrice: 1000/buy rvelonasaur
Neutered Level 449 RavagerPrice: 500/buy ravager
Neutered Level 449 RexPrice: 1000/buy rex
Neutered Level 449 Rock ElementalPrice: 2000/buy rockelemental
Neutered Level 449 Roll RatPrice: 500/buy rollrat
Neutered Level 449 ShadowmanePrice: 2000/buy shadowmane
Neutered Level 449 SinomacropsPrice: 2000/buy sino
Neutered Level 449 SnailPrice: 600/buy snail
Neutered Level 449 Snow OwlPrice: 850/buy snowowl
Neutered Level 449 SpinosaurPrice: 1000/buy spino
Neutered Level 449 StegoPrice: 500/buy stego
Neutered Level 449 Terror BirdPrice: 500/buy terrorbird
Neutered Level 449 TherizinosaurPrice: 800/buy theri
Neutered Level 449 ThylacoleoPrice: 500/buy thyla
Neutered Level 449 TriceratopsPrice: 500/buy trike
Neutered Level 449 TroodonPrice: 1500/buy troodon
Neutered Level 449 TropeognathusPrice: 2500/buy tropeognathus
Neutered Level 449 TusoteuthisPrice: 1000/buy tuso
Neutered Level 449 VelonasaurPrice: 800/buy velonasaur
Neutered Level 449 Woolly RhinoPrice: 500/buy rhino
Neutered Level 449 X-MosasaurusPrice: 1200/buy mosa
Neutered Level 449 X-TapejaraPrice: 600/buy xtape
Neutered Level 449 YutyrannusPrice: 1000/buy yuty
Neutered Level 500 PhoenixPrice: 7000/buy phoenix
Neutered Level 538 Tek ParasaurPrice: 500/buy tekparasaur
Neutered Level 538 Tek QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 2200/buy tekquetz
Neutered Level 538 Tek RexPrice: 1500/buy tekrex
Neutered Level 538 Tek StegoPrice: 750/buy tekstego

Dinos (UnNeutered)

Level 200 Fire WyvernPrice: 975/buy lowfirewyvern
Level 200 Ice WyvernPrice: 975/buy lowicewyvern
Level 200 Lightning WyvernPrice: 975/buy lowlightningwyvern
Level 200 MagmasaurPrice: 1400/buy lowmagmasaur
Level 200 ManagarmrPrice: 1000/buy lowmanagarmr
Level 200 Poison WyvernPrice: 975/buy lowpoisonwyvern
Level 200 Rock DrakePrice: 1000/buy lowrockdrake
Level 200 VoidwyrmPrice: 1100/buy lowvoidwyrm
Level 200 Zombie Fire WyvernPrice: 1100/buy lowzombiefirewyvern
Level 200 Zombie Lightning WyvernPrice: 1100/buy lowzombielightningwyvern
Level 200 Zombie Poison WyvernPrice: 1100/buy lowzombiepoisonwyvern
Level 225 Aberrant Dung BeetlePrice: 100/buy lowdungbeetle
Level 225 Aberrant MegalosaurusPrice: 325/buy lowmegalos
Level 225 Aberrant ParaceratheriumPrice: 600/buy lowpara
Level 225 Aberrant ParasaurPrice: 150/buy lowparasaur
Level 225 AmargasaurusPrice: 975/buy lowamarga
Level 225 AndrewsarchusPrice: 1200/buy lowandrew
Level 225 AnglerfishPrice: 300/buy lowangler
Level 225 AnkylosaurusPrice: 250/buy lowanky
Level 225 ArgentavisPrice: 250/buy lowargi
Level 225 ArthroplueraPrice: 300/buy lowarthro
Level 225 AstrodelphisPrice: 2000/buy lowastro
Level 225 BasiliskPrice: 1000/buy lowbasilisk
Level 225 BasilosaurusPrice: 350/buy lowbasilo
Level 225 BeelzebufoPrice: 300/buy lowbeelzebufo
Level 225 BloodstalkerPrice: 975/buy lowbloodstalker
Level 225 BulbdogPrice: 100/buy lowbulbdog
Level 225 CarbonemysPrice: 175/buy lowcarbo
Level 225 CarcharodontosaurusPrice: 2500/buy lowcarchar
Level 225 CarnotaurusPrice: 250/buy lowcarno
Level 225 CastoroidesPrice: 250/buy lowcasto
Level 225 Crystal Wyvern (Blood)Price: 1000/buy lowbloodwyvern
Level 225 Crystal Wyvern (Ember)Price: 1000/buy lowemberwyvern
Level 225 Crystal Wyvern (Tropical)Price: 1000/buy lowtropicalwyvern
Level 225 DaeodonPrice: 150/buy lowdaeodon
Level 225 DeinonychusPrice: 400/buy lowdeinonychus
Level 225 DesmodusPrice: 1200/buy lowdesmodus
Level 225 DinopithecusPrice: 975/buy lowdinopit
Level 225 DirebearPrice: 250/buy lowdirebear
Level 225 DoedicurusPrice: 250/buy lowdoed
Level 225 FeroxPrice: 1400/buy lowferox
Level 225 FjordhawkPrice: 1200/buy lowfjordhawk
Level 225 GachaPrice: 600/buy lowgacha
Level 225 GasbagPrice: 400/buy lowgasbag
Level 225 GriffinPrice: 460/buy lowgriffin
Level 225 IchthyosaurusPrice: 200/buy lowichthy
Level 225 KarkinosPrice: 800/buy lowkark
Level 225 MammothPrice: 250/buy lowmammoth
Level 225 MantisPrice: 400/buy lowmantis
Level 225 MegalodonPrice: 350/buy lowmegalodon
Level 225 MegatheriumPrice: 500/buy lowmega
Level 225 OvisPrice: 250/buy lowsheep
Level 225 ProcoptodonPrice: 175/buy lowproco
Level 225 PteranodonPrice: 200/buy lowptera
Level 225 QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 975/buy lowquetz
Level 225 R-CarbonemysPrice: 225/buy lowrcarbo
Level 225 R-QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 1000/buy lowrquetz
Level 225 R-VelonasaurPrice: 600/buy lowrvelonasaur
Level 225 RavagerPrice: 250/buy lowravager
Level 225 Reaper KingPrice: 1000/buy lowreaper
Level 225 RexPrice: 500/buy lowrex
Level 225 Rock ElementalPrice: 1000/buy lowrockelemental
Level 225 Roll RatPrice: 250/buy lowrollrat
Level 225 ShadowmanePrice: 975/buy lowshadowmane
Level 225 SinomacropsPrice: 975/buy lowsino
Level 225 SnailPrice: 300/buy lowsnail
Level 225 Snow OwlPrice: 600/buy lowsnowowl
Level 225 SpinosaurPrice: 500/buy lowspino
Level 225 StegoPrice: 175/buy lowstego
Level 225 Stryder (Farm Mods)Price: 50000/buy lowfarmstryder
Level 225 Stryder (Random Mod)Price: 5000/buy lowstryder
Level 225 Terror BirdPrice: 250/buy lowterrorbird
Level 225 TherizinosaurPrice: 400/buy lowtheri
Level 225 ThylacoleoPrice: 250/buy lowthyla
Level 225 TriceratopsPrice: 175/buy lowtrike
Level 225 TroodonPrice: 750/buy lowtroodon
Level 225 TropeognathusPrice: 1000/buy lowtropeognathus
Level 225 TusoteuthisPrice: 500/buy lowtuso
Level 225 VelonasaurPrice: 500/buy lowvelonasaur
Level 225 Woolly RhinoPrice: 250/buy lowrhino
Level 225 X-MosasaurusPrice: 600/buy lowmosa
Level 225 X-TapejaraPrice: 300/buy lowxtape
Level 225 YutyrannusPrice: 500/buy lowyuty
Level 270 Tek ParasaurPrice: 200/buy lowtekparasaur
Level 270 Tek QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 1250/buy lowtekquetz
Level 270 Tek RexPrice: 600/buy lowtekrex
Level 270 Tek StegoPrice: 225/buy lowtekstego
Level 300 DeinonychusPrice: 1400/buy breeddeinonychus
Level 375 Reaper KingPrice: 2000/buy reaper
Level 380 Fire WyvernPrice: 3400/buy breedfirewyvern
Level 380 Ice WyvernPrice: 3400/buy breedicewyvern
Level 380 Lightning WyvernPrice: 3400/buy breedlightningwyvern
Level 380 MagmasaurPrice: 4000/buy breedmagmasaur
Level 380 Poison WyvernPrice: 3400/buy breedpoisonwyvern
Level 380 Rock DrakePrice: 3800/buy breedrockdrake
Level 380 VoidwyrmPrice: 6000/buy breedvoidwyrm
Level 380 Zombie Lightning WyvernPrice: 4000/buy breedzombielightningwyvern
Level 380 Zombie Poison WyvernPrice: 4000/buy breedzombiepoisonwyvern
Level 449 Aberrant Dung BeetlePrice: 200/buy dungbeetle
Level 449 Aberrant MegalosaurusPrice: 1500/buy breedmegalos
Level 449 Aberrant ParaceratheriumPrice: 1700/buy breedpara
Level 449 Aberrant ParasaurPrice: 600/buy breedparasaur
Level 449 AmargasaurusPrice: 4000/buy breedamarga
Level 449 AndrewsarchusPrice: 6000/buy breedandrew
Level 449 AnglerfishPrice: 1200/buy breedangler
Level 449 AnkylosaurusPrice: 1000/buy breedanky
Level 449 ArgentavisPrice: 1000/buy breedargi
Level 449 ArthroplueraPrice: 1200/buy breedarthro
Level 449 AstrodelphisPrice: 9000/buy breedastro
Level 449 BasiliskPrice: 2000/buy basilisk
Level 449 BasilosaurusPrice: 1200/buy breedbasilo
Level 449 BeelzebufoPrice: 1200/buy breedbeelzebufo
Level 449 BloodstalkerPrice: 3000/buy breedbloodstalker
Level 449 BulbdogPrice: 400/buy breedbulbdog
Level 449 CarbonemysPrice: 1000/buy breedcarbo
Level 449 CarcharodontosaurusPrice: 8500/buy breedcarchar
Level 449 CarnotaurusPrice: 1000/buy breedcarno
Level 449 CastoroidesPrice: 1000/buy breedcasto
Level 449 Crystal Wyvern (Blood)Price: 4000/buy breedbloodwyvern
Level 449 Crystal Wyvern (Ember)Price: 4000/buy breedemberwyvern
Level 449 Crystal Wyvern (Tropical)Price: 4000/buy breedtropicalwyvern
Level 449 DaeodonPrice: 900/buy breeddaeodon
Level 449 DesmodusPrice: 6000/buy breeddesmodus
Level 449 DinopithecusPrice: 4000/buy breeddinopit
Level 449 DirebearPrice: 1000/buy breeddirebear
Level 449 DoedicurusPrice: 1000/buy breeddoed
Level 449 FeroxPrice: 4000/buy breedferox
Level 449 FjordhawkPrice: 6000/buy breedfjordhawk
Level 449 GachaPrice: 1940/buy breedgacha
Level 449 GasbagPrice: 1300/buy breedgasbag
Level 449 GiganotosaurusPrice: 7500/buy breedgiga
Level 449 GriffinPrice: 975/buy griffin
Level 449 IchthyosaurusPrice: 800/buy breedichthy
Level 449 KarkinosPrice: 1600/buy kark
Level 449 MammothPrice: 1000/buy breedmammoth
Level 449 ManagarmrPrice: 4000/buy breedmanagarmr
Level 449 MantisPrice: 1600/buy breedmantis
Level 449 MegalodonPrice: 1200/buy breedmegalodon
Level 449 MegatheriumPrice: 2000/buy breedmega
Level 449 NoglinPrice: 800000/buy breednoglin
Level 449 OvisPrice: 1000/buy breedsheep
Level 449 ProcoptodonPrice: 1000/buy breedproco
Level 449 PteranodonPrice: 800/buy breedptera
Level 449 QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 3000/buy breedquetz
Level 449 R-CarbonemysPrice: 1275/buy breedrcarbo
Level 449 R-GiganotosaurusPrice: 8500/buy breedrgiga
Level 449 R-QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 4000/buy breedrquetz
Level 449 R-VelonasaurPrice: 2000/buy breedrvelonasaur
Level 449 RavagerPrice: 1000/buy breedravager
Level 449 RexPrice: 2000/buy breedrex
Level 449 Roll RatPrice: 1000/buy breedrollrat
Level 449 ShadowmanePrice: 4000/buy breedshadowmane
Level 449 SinomacropsPrice: 4000/buy breedsino
Level 449 SnailPrice: 1000/buy breedsnail
Level 449 Snow OwlPrice: 1700/buy breedsnowowl
Level 449 SpinosaurPrice: 2000/buy breedspino
Level 449 StegoPrice: 1000/buy breedstego
Level 449 Stryder (Farm Mods)Price: 100000/buy farmstryder
Level 449 Stryder (Random Mod)Price: 10000/buy stryder
Level 449 Terror BirdPrice: 1000/buy breedterrorbird
Level 449 TherizinosaurPrice: 1600/buy breedtheri
Level 449 ThylacoleoPrice: 1000/buy breedthyla
Level 449 TriceratopsPrice: 1000/buy breedtrike
Level 449 TroodonPrice: 3000/buy breedtroodon
Level 449 TropeognathusPrice: 5000/buy breedtropeognathus
Level 449 TusoteuthisPrice: 2000/buy breedtuso
Level 449 VelonasaurPrice: 1600/buy breedvelonasaur
Level 449 Woolly RhinoPrice: 1000/buy breedrhino
Level 449 X-MosasaurusPrice: 2400/buy breedmosa
Level 449 X-TapejaraPrice: 1200/buy breedxtape
Level 449 YutyrannusPrice: 2000/buy breedyuty
Level 5 Aberrant Dung BeetlePrice: 25/buy verylowdungbeetle
Level 5 Aberrant MegalosaurusPrice: 75/buy verylowmegalos
Level 5 Aberrant ParaceratheriumPrice: 120/buy verylowpara
Level 5 Aberrant ParasaurPrice: 25/buy verylowparasaur
Level 5 AmargasaurusPrice: 300/buy verylowamarga
Level 5 AndrewsarchusPrice: 500/buy verylowandrew
Level 5 AnglerfishPrice: 75/buy verylowangler
Level 5 AnkylosaurusPrice: 50/buy verylowanky
Level 5 ArgentavisPrice: 75/buy verylowargi
Level 5 ArthroplueraPrice: 100/buy verylowarthro
Level 5 AstrodelphisPrice: 600/buy verylowastro
Level 5 BasiliskPrice: 200/buy verylowbasilisk
Level 5 BasilosaurusPrice: 75/buy verylowbasilo
Level 5 BeelzebufoPrice: 50/buy verylowbeelzebufo
Level 5 BloodstalkerPrice: 250/buy verylowbloodstalker
Level 5 BulbdogPrice: 25/buy verylowbulbdog
Level 5 CarbonemysPrice: 50/buy verylowcarbo
Level 5 CarcharodontosaurusPrice: 900/buy verylowcarchar
Level 5 CarnotaurusPrice: 50/buy verylowcarno
Level 5 CastoroidesPrice: 50/buy verylowcasto
Level 5 DaeodonPrice: 50/buy verylowdaeodon
Level 5 DeinonychusPrice: 75/buy verylowdeinonychus
Level 5 DesmodusPrice: 500/buy verylowdesmodus
Level 5 DinopithecusPrice: 300/buy verylowdinopit
Level 5 DirebearPrice: 50/buy verylowdirebear
Level 5 DoedicurusPrice: 50/buy verylowdoed
Level 5 FeroxPrice: 250/buy verylowferox
Level 5 FjordhawkPrice: 300/buy verylowfjordhawk
Level 5 GachaPrice: 200/buy verylowgacha
Level 5 GasbagPrice: 75/buy verylowgasbag
Level 5 GiganotosaurusPrice: 800/buy verylowgiga
Level 5 GriffinPrice: 100/buy verylowgriffin
Level 5 IchthyosaurusPrice: 25/buy verylowichthy
Level 5 KarkinosPrice: 75/buy verylowkark
Level 5 MagmasaurPrice: 250/buy verylowmagmasaur
Level 5 MammothPrice: 50/buy verylowmammoth
Level 5 ManagarmrPrice: 250/buy verylowmanagarmr
Level 5 MantisPrice: 75/buy verylowmantis
Level 5 MegalodonPrice: 75/buy verylowmegalodon
Level 5 MegatheriumPrice: 50/buy verylowmega
Level 5 OvisPrice: 50/buy verylowsheep
Level 5 ProcoptodonPrice: 50/buy verylowproco
Level 5 PteranodonPrice: 50/buy verylowptera
Level 5 QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 250/buy verylowquetz
Level 5 R-CarbonemysPrice: 75/buy verylowrcarbo
Level 5 R-GiganotosaurusPrice: 900/buy verylowrgiga
Level 5 R-QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 275/buy verylowrquetz
Level 5 R-VelonasaurPrice: 100/buy verylowrvelonasaur
Level 5 RavagerPrice: 50/buy verylowravager
Level 5 Reaper KingPrice: 200/buy verylowreaper
Level 5 RexPrice: 75/buy verylowrex
Level 5 Rock DrakePrice: 200/buy verylowrockdrake
Level 5 Rock ElementalPrice: 250/buy verylowrockelemental
Level 5 Roll RatPrice: 50/buy verylowrollrat
Level 5 ShadowmanePrice: 300/buy verylowshadowmane
Level 5 SinomacropsPrice: 300/buy verylowsino
Level 5 SnailPrice: 100/buy verylowsnail
Level 5 Snow OwlPrice: 100/buy verylowsnowowl
Level 5 SpinosaurPrice: 75/buy verylowspino
Level 5 StegoPrice: 50/buy verylowstego
Level 5 Stryder (Farm Mods)Price: 7000/buy verylowfarmstryder
Level 5 Stryder (Random Mod)Price: 700/buy verylowstryder
Level 5 Terror BirdPrice: 50/buy verylowterrorbird
Level 5 TherizinosaurPrice: 75/buy verylowtheri
Level 5 ThylacoleoPrice: 50/buy verylowthyla
Level 5 TriceratopsPrice: 50/buy verylowtrike
Level 5 TroodonPrice: 250/buy verylowtroodon
Level 5 TropeognathusPrice: 250/buy verylowtropeognathus
Level 5 TusoteuthisPrice: 50/buy verylowtuso
Level 5 VelonasaurPrice: 75/buy verylowvelonasaur
Level 5 VoidwyrmPrice: 350/buy verylowvoidwyrm
Level 5 Woolly RhinoPrice: 50/buy verylowrhino
Level 5 X-MosasaurusPrice: 75/buy verylowmosa
Level 5 X-TapejaraPrice: 100/buy verylowxtape
Level 5 YutyrannusPrice: 75/buy verylowyuty
Level 538 Tek ParasaurPrice: 1000/buy breedtekparasaur
Level 538 Tek QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 4400/buy breedtekquetz
Level 538 Tek RexPrice: 3000/buy breedtekrex
Level 538 Tek StegoPrice: 1500/buy breedtekstego
Level 6 Tek ParasaurPrice: 30/buy verylowtekparasaur
Level 6 Tek QuetzalcoatlusPrice: 300/buy verylowtekquetz
Level 6 Tek RexPrice: 75/buy verylowtekrex
Level 6 Tek StegoPrice: 75/buy verylowtekstego


Awesome SpyglassPrice: 30/buy awspyglass
Basic Hazard Suit Skin SetPrice: 200/buy hazardskinset
Bunk bedPrice: 60/buy bunkbed
Empty CryopodPrice: 60/buy cryopod
Empty Soul trapPrice: 30/buy soultrap
Epic Assault RiflePrice: 460/buy epicassaultrifle
Epic Assault Rifle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_epicassaultrifle
Epic ChainsawPrice: 240/buy epicchainsaw
Epic Chainsaw BlueprintPrice: 600/buy bp_epicchainsaw
Epic Compound BowPrice: 600/buy epiccompbow
Epic Compound Bow BlueprintPrice: 1200/buy bp_epiccompbow
Epic CrossbowPrice: 600/buy epiccrossbow
Epic Fabricated Sniper RiflePrice: 920/buy epicsniper
Epic Fabricated Sniper Rifle BlueprintPrice: 2000/buy bp_epicsniper
Epic Fast Flak & Assault Rifle PVP KitPrice: 1500/buy epicfastflakass
Epic Fast Flak & Compound Bow PVP KitPrice: 1700/buy epicfastflakcomp
Epic Fast Flak & Shotgun PVP KitPrice: 1500/buy epicfastflakshot
Epic Fishing RodPrice: 400/buy epicfishingrod
Epic Fishing Rod BlueprintPrice: 1200/buy bp_epicfishingrod
Epic Flak ArmorPrice: 400/buy epichidearmor
Epic Flak Armor SetPrice: 575/buy epicflakarmor
Epic Flak Armor Set Blueprint KitPrice: 1750/buy bp_epicflakarmor
Epic FlamethrowerPrice: 460/buy epicflamethrower
Epic Flamethrower BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_epicflamethrower
Epic Fur Armor SetPrice: 650/buy epicfurarmor
Epic Fur Armor set Blueprint KitPrice: 2000/buy bp_epicfurarmor
Epic Gas maskPrice: 400/buy epicgasmask
Epic Ghillie Armor setPrice: 575/buy epicghilliearmor
Epic Ghillie Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 1750/buy bp_epicghilliearmor
Epic Harpoon GunPrice: 700/buy epicharpoon
Epic Hazard suitPrice: 750/buy epichazardsuit
Epic Hazard suit Blueprint kitPrice: 2000/buy bp_epichazardsuit
Epic Hide Armor Blueprint kitPrice: 850/buy bp_epichidearmor
Epic Longneck RiflePrice: 500/buy epiclongneck
Epic Longneck Rifle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_epiclongneck
Epic Mining DrillPrice: 750/buy epicminingdrill
Epic Riot Armor setPrice: 600/buy epicriotarmor
Epic Riot Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 2000/buy bp_epicriotarmor
Epic Scuba suitPrice: 600/buy epicscubasuit
Epic Scuba suit Blueprint kitPrice: 950/buy bp_epicscubasuit
Epic ShotgunPrice: 460/buy epicshotgun
Epic Shotgun BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_epicshotgun
Epic Tek Armor setPrice: 2250/buy epictekarmor
Epic Tek Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 5000/buy bp_epictekarmor
Epic Tek Bow *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 5000/buy epictekbow
Epic Tek Bow Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 10000/buy bp_epictekbow
Epic Tek Rifle *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 3000/buy epictekrifle
Epic Tek Rifle *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 5500/buy bp_epictekrifle
Epic Tek Sword *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 3000/buy epicteksword
Epic Tek Sword Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 5500/buy bp_epicteksword
Epic Unassembled Mek BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_epicmek
Epic WhipPrice: 120/buy epicwhip
Epic Whip BlueprintPrice: 600/buy bp_epicwhip
Epic Wooden ClubPrice: 250/buy epicclub
Epic Wooden Club BlueprintPrice: 500/buy bp_epicclub
Flare GunPrice: 15/buy flaregun
Glider skinPrice: 100/buy glider
Good Assault RiflePrice: 240/buy assaultrifle
Good Assault Rifle BlueprintPrice: 750/buy bp_assaultrifle
Good ChainsawPrice: 120/buy chainsaw
Good Chainsaw BlueprintPrice: 300/buy bp_chainsaw
Good compound bowPrice: 360/buy compbow
Good Compound Bow BlueprintPrice: 860/buy bp_compbow
Good CrossbowPrice: 200/buy crossbow
Good Fabricated Sniper RiflePrice: 460/buy sniper
Good Fabricated Sniper Rifle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_sniper
Good Fast Flak & Assault Rifle PVP KitPrice: 850/buy fastflakass
Good Fast Flak & Compound Bow PVP KitPrice: 950/buy fastflakcomp
Good Fast Flak & Shotgun PVP KitPrice: 850/buy fastflakshot
Good Fishing RodPrice: 60/buy fishingrod
Good Fishing Rod BlueprintPrice: 180/buy bp_fishingrod
Good Flak ArmorPrice: 120/buy hidearmor
Good Flak Armor setPrice: 230/buy flakarmor
Good Flak Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 850/buy bp_flakarmor
Good FlamethrowerPrice: 240/buy flamethrower
Good Flamethrower BlueprintPrice: 750/buy bp_flamethrower
Good Fur Armor setPrice: 240/buy furarmor
Good Fur Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 950/buy bp_furarmor
Good Gas maskPrice: 240/buy gasmask
Good Gas mask BlueprintPrice: 600/buy bp_gasmask
Good Ghillie Armor setPrice: 230/buy ghilliearmor
Good Ghillie Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 850/buy bp_ghilliearmor
Good Harpoon GunPrice: 300/buy harpoon
Good Hazard suitPrice: 450/buy hazardsuit
Good Hazard suit Blueprint kitPrice: 1200/buy bp_hazardsuit
Good Hide Armor Blueprint kitPrice: 575/buy bp_hidearmor
Good Longneck RiflePrice: 200/buy longneck
Good Longneck Rifle BlueprintPrice: 750/buy bp_longneck
Good Mining DrillPrice: 460/buy miningdrill
Good Riot Armor setPrice: 275/buy riotarmor
Good Riot Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 950/buy bp_riotarmor
Good Scuba suitPrice: 360/buy scubasuit
Good Scuba suit Blueprint kitPrice: 650/buy bp_scubasuit
Good ShotgunPrice: 240/buy shotgun
Good Shotgun BlueprintPrice: 750/buy bp_shotgun
Good Tek Armor setPrice: 1250/buy tekarmor
Good Tek Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 3500/buy bp_tekarmor
Good Tek Bow *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 2000/buy tekbow
Good Tek Bow Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 7000/buy bp_tekbow
Good Tek Rifle *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 1450/buy tekrifle
Good Tek Rifle Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 3000/buy bp_tekrifle
Good Tek Sword *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 1450/buy teksword
Good Tek Sword Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 3000/buy bp_teksword
Good ToolsPrice: 120/buy tools
Good Tools Blueprint kitPrice: 500/buy bp_tools
Good Unassembled Mek BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_mek
Good WhipPrice: 60/buy whip
Good Whip BlueprintPrice: 300/buy bp_whip
Good Wooden ClubPrice: 100/buy club
Good Wooden Club BlueprintPrice: 200/buy bp_club
GPSPrice: 15/buy gps
Legendary Assault RiflePrice: 920/buy legenassaultrifle
Legendary Assault Rifle BlueprintPrice: 2000/buy bp_legenassaultrifle
Legendary ChainsawPrice: 480/buy legenchainsaw
Legendary Chainsaw BlueprintPrice: 850/buy bp_legenchainsaw
Legendary Compound BowPrice: 1000/buy legencompbow
Legendary Compound Bow BlueprintPrice: 2700/buy bp_legencompbow
Legendary CrossbowPrice: 800/buy legencrossbow
Legendary Fabricated Sniper RiflePrice: 1840/buy legensniper
Legendary Fabricated Sniper Rifle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legensniper
Legendary Fast Flak & Compound Bow PVP KitPrice: 2700/buy legenfastflakcomp
Legendary Fast Flak & Shotgun PVP KitPrice: 2500/buy legenfastflakshot
Legendary Fast Flak + Assault Rifle PVP KitPrice: 2500/buy legenfastflakass
Legendary Fishing RodPrice: 600/buy legenfishingrod
Legendary Fishing Rod BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_legenfishingrod
Legendary Flak ArmorPrice: 800/buy legenhidearmor
Legendary Flak Armor setPrice: 1150/buy legenflakarmor
Legendary Flak Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenflakarmor
Legendary FlamethrowerPrice: 920/buy legenflamethrower
Legendary Flamethrower BlueprintPrice: 2000/buy bp_legenflamethrower
Legendary Fur Armor setPrice: 1300/buy legenfurarmor
Legendary Fur Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenfurarmor
Legendary Gas maskPrice: 800/buy legengasmask
Legendary Gas mask BlueprintPrice: 1200/buy bp_legengasmask
Legendary Ghillie Armor setPrice: 1150/buy legenghilliearmor
Legendary Ghillie Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenghilliearmor
Legendary Harpoon GunPrice: 900/buy legenharpoon
Legendary Hazard suitPrice: 1500/buy legenhazardsuit
Legendary Hazard suit Blueprint kitPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenhazardsuit
Legendary Hide Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 1700/buy bp_legenhidearmor
Legendary Longneck RiflePrice: 1000/buy legenlongneck
Legendary Longneck Rifle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_legenlongneck
Legendary Mining DrillPrice: 1800/buy legenminingdrill
Legendary Riot Armor setPrice: 1250/buy legenriotarmor
Legendary Riot Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 3750/buy bp_legenriotarmor
Legendary Scuba suitPrice: 1200/buy legenscubasuit
Legendary Scuba suit Blueprint kitPrice: 1900/buy bp_legenscubasuit
Legendary ShotgunPrice: 920/buy legenshotgun
Legendary Shotgun BlueprintPrice: 2000/buy bp_legenshotgun
Legendary Tek Armor setPrice: 4500/buy legentekarmor
Legendary Tek Armor set Blueprint kitPrice: 10000/buy bp_legentekarmor
Legendary Tek Bow *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 7000/buy legentekbow
Legendary Tek Bow Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 15000/buy bp_legentekbow
Legendary Tek Rifle *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 5500/buy legentekrifle
Legendary Tek Rifle Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 10000/buy bp_legentekrifle
Legendary Tek Sword *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 5500/buy legenteksword
Legendary Tek Sword Blueprint *Requires Tek Engrames first*Price: 10000/buy bp_legenteksword
Legendary ToolsPrice: 840/buy legentools
Legendary Tools Blueprint kitPrice: 1500/buy bp_legentools
Legendary Unassembled Mek BlueprintPrice: 7000/buy bp_legenmek
Legendary WhipPrice: 240/buy legenwhip
Legendary Whip BlueprintPrice: 850/buy bp_legenwhip
Legendary wooden clubPrice: 500/buy legenclub
Legendary Wooden Club BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_legenclub
Medium trap (4x4)Price: 360/buy mediumtrap
ParachutePrice: 30/buy parachute
Simple bedPrice: 15/buy bed
Small trap (3x3)Price: 240/buy smalltrap
Soul terminalPrice: 480/buy soulterminal
SpyglassPrice: 15/buy spyglass
SS Auto turret (1x) + Adv Rifle Bullets (250x)Price: 230/buy turret
SS Bee hivePrice: 300/buy beehive
SS CryofridgePrice: 480/buy cryofridge
SS FarmerPrice: 240/buy farmer
SS HatcheryPrice: 600/buy hatchery
SS Heavy turret (1x) + Adv Rifle Bullets (500x)Price: 460/buy hturret
SS Heavy turret Pack (10x)Price: 1200/buy hturretpak10
SS Industrial ForgePrice: 480/buy indiforge
SS NannyPrice: 250/buy nanny
SS Tek TransmitterPrice: 500/buy transmitter
VaultPrice: 120/buy vault


Basic Kibble pack (x10)Price: 30/buy basickibble
Exceptional Kibble pack (x10)Price: 150/buy excepkibble
Extraordinary Kibble pack (x10)Price: 180/buy extrakibble
Regular Kibble pack (x10)Price: 90/buy regkibble
Simple Kibble pack (x10)Price: 60/buy simplekibble
Superior Kibble pack (x10)Price: 120/buy superkibble


Advanced starter base kit (4x4 metal base with heavy turrets)Price: 5000/buy adv_starterbase
Advanced Taming KitPrice: 120/buy advtamingkit
Basic Taming KitPrice: 60/buy tamingkit
Epic ToolsPrice: 420/buy epictools
Epic Tools Blueprint kitPrice: 750/buy bp_epictools
Grapple KitPrice: 80/buy grapplekit
Large trap (8x6)Price: 480/buy largetrap
Starter base kit (2x2 Stone base)Price: 100/buy starterbase
Zipline KitPrice: 80/buy ziplinekit
Mantis Farming packPrice: 750/buykit farmingpack
/kit farmingpack
Starter kit (225 Griffin and gear)Price: 400 Free: 3/buykit starter
/kit starter
Starter PointsPrice:Free: 1/kit starterpoints
Your daily login reward. Resets at midnight every dayPrice:Free: 1/kit daily_pack

Kits for premium players only

ARK Premium 2x Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium2x_monthly
ARK Premium 3x Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium3x_monthly
ARK Premium 4x Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium4x_monthly
ARK Premium Monthly Points PackPrice:Free: 1/kit premium1x_monthly
Boost Discord and get pointsPrice:Free: 1/kit discord_monthly_boost
VIP Blueprint packPrice: 45000/buykit vip_bp_pack
/kit vip_bp_pack
VIP Metal starter base kitPrice: 3500 Free: 3/buykit vipstarterbase
/kit vipstarterbase
VIP starter kit (449 Griffin and gear)Price: 850 Free: 3/buykit vipstarter
/kit vipstarter


Absorbent Substrate (100x)Price: 30/buy absorbent100
Alpha Crystal Talon (1x)Price: 75/buy alphacrystaltalon
Ammonite Bile (100x)Price: 120/buy ammonitebile100
Blood pack (25x)Price: 15/buy bloodpack
Blue gems (500x)Price: 5/buy bluegems500
Cactus Sap (100x)Price: 15/buy cactus100
Cementing Paste (200x)Price: 50/buy past200
Chitin (500x)Price: 5/buy chitin500
Congealed Gas Balls (500x)Price: 15/buy gasballs500
Crystal (500x)Price: 15/buy crystal500
Deathworm horn (1x)Price: 30/buy deathwormhorn
Element (100x)Price: 1000/buy element100
Element Shard (100x)Price: 100/buy eleshards100
Fertilizer (50x)Price: 30/buy fert50
Fiber (500x)Price: 5/buy fiber500
Flint (500x)Price: 5/buy flint500
Fungal wood (500x)Price: 5/buy fungalwood500
Gasoline (2500x)Price: 100/buy gasoline2500
Giant Bee Honey (100x)Price: 15/buy honey100
Green gems (500x)Price: 5/buy greengems500
Hide (500x)Price: 5/buy hide500
Human Hair (30x)Price: 15/buy humanhair
King Titan Trophy (Alpha)Price: 7500/buy king_titan_trophy_alpha
King Titan Trophy (Beta)Price: 5000/buy king_titan_trophy_beta
King Titan Trophy (Gamma)Price: 2500/buy king_titan_trophy_gamma
Metal Ingot (500x)Price: 15/buy ingots500
Mutagel (100x)Price: 300/buy mutagel100
Obsidian (200x)Price: 15/buy obsidian200
Oil (200x)Price: 15/buy oil200
Organic Polymer (500x)Price: 15/buy opoly500
Pelt (500x)Price: 5/buy pelt500
Polymer (500x)Price: 15/buy poly500
Rare Flower (100x)Price: 15/buy rareflower100
Raw Meat (200x)Price: 15/buy meat
Raw Prime Meat (200x)Price: 30/buy primemeat
Re-Fertilizer (100x)Price: 15/buy refert100
Red gems (500x)Price: 15/buy redgems500
Silica Pearls (200x)Price: 15/buy pearls200
Silk (200x)Price: 15/buy silk200
Spoiled Meat (200x)Price: 30/buy spoiledmeat
Stone (500x)Price: 5/buy stone500
Sulfur (100x)Price: 15/buy sulfur100
Thatch (500x)Price: 5/buy thatch500
Wood (500x)Price: 5/buy wood500


Epic Amargasaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicamargasaddle
Epic Basilosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicbasilosaddle
Epic Diplodocus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicdiplosaddle
Epic Ravager Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicravagersaddle
Epic Stego Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicstegosaddle
Epic Terror Bird Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicterrorbirdsaddle
Epic Thylacoleo Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicthylasaddle
Good Carcharodontosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_carcharsaddle
Good Giganotosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_gigasaddle
Good Rock Drake Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_rockdrakesaddle
Basic Ichthyosaurus SaddlePrice: 30/buy ichthysaddle
Epic Andrewsarchus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_epicandrewsaddle
Epic Argentavis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicargisaddle
Epic Arthropluera Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicarthrosaddle
Epic Basilisk Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epicbasilisksaddle
Epic Carbonemys Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epiccarbosaddle
Epic Carcharodontosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_epiccarcharsaddle
Epic Desmodus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_epicdesmodussaddle
Epic Giganotosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epicgigasaddle
Epic Magmasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epicmagmasaddle
Epic Mammoth Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicmammothsaddle
Epic Managarmr Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epicmanasaddle
Epic Megachelon Platform Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epicmegachelonplatsaddle
Epic Megalodon Tek SaddlePrice: 25000/buy epicteksaddlemega
Epic Megalodon Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 75000/buy bp_epicteksaddlemega
Epic Megalosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicmegalossaddle
Epic Megatherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicmegatheriumsaddle
Epic Mosasaur Platform Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epicmosaplatsaddle
Epic Mosasaur Tek SaddlePrice: 25000/buy epicteksaddlemosa
Epic Mosasaur Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 75000/buy bp_epicteksaddlemosa
Epic Platform Paraceratherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicparacerplatsaddle
Epic Platform Quetzalcoatlus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicquetzplatsaddle
Epic Rex Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicrexsaddle
Epic Rex Tek SaddlePrice: 25000/buy epicteksaddlerex
Epic Rex Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 75000/buy bp_epicteksaddlerex
Epic Rock Drake Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epicrockdrakesaddle
Epic Rock Drake Tek SaddlePrice: 25000/buy epicteksaddlerockdrake
Epic Rock Drake Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 75000/buy bp_epicteksaddlerockdrake
Epic Rock Elemental Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epicrockelementalsaddle
Epic Roll Rat Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicrollratsaddle
Epic Snow Owl Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicsnowowlsaddle
Epic Spinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicspinosaddle
Epic Tapejara Tek SaddlePrice: 25000/buy epicteksaddletape
Epic Tapejara Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 75000/buy bp_epicteksaddletape
Epic Triceratops Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_epictrikesaddle
Epic Tusoteuthis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3000/buy bp_epictusosaddle
Epic Velonasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicvelonasaursaddle
Epic Woolly Rhino Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicrhinosaddle
Epic Yutyrannus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicyutysaddle
Good Amargasaurus SaddlePrice: 60/buy amargasaddle
Good Amargasaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_amargasaddle
Good Andrewsarchus SaddlePrice: 250/buy andrewsaddle
Good Andrewsarchus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_andrewsaddle
Good Ankylosaurus SaddlePrice: 60/buy ankysaddle
Good Argentavis SaddlePrice: 60/buy argisaddle
Good Argentavis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_argisaddle
Good Arthropluera SaddlePrice: 60/buy arthrosaddle
Good Arthropluera Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_arthrosaddle
Good Basilisk SaddlePrice: 60/buy basilisksaddle
Good Basilisk Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_basilisksaddle
Good Basilosaurus SaddlePrice: 60/buy basilosaddle
Good Basilosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_basilosaddle
Good Beelzebufo SaddlePrice: 60/buy beelzebufosaddle
Good Carbonemys SaddlePrice: 60/buy carbosaddle
Good Carbonemys Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_carbosaddle
Good Carcharodontosaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy carcharsaddle
Good Carnotaurus SaddlePrice: 60/buy carnosaddle
Good Castoroides SaddlePrice: 60/buy castosaddle
Good Daeodon SaddlePrice: 60/buy daeodonsaddle
Good Deinonychus SaddlePrice: 60/buy deinonychussaddle
Good Deinonychus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_deinosaddle
Good Deinonychus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicdeinosaddle
Good Desmodus SaddlePrice: 600/buy desmodussaddle
Good Desmodus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 2500/buy bp_desmodussaddle
Good Diplodocus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_diplosaddle
Good Direbear SaddlePrice: 60/buy direbearsaddle
Good Doedicurus SaddlePrice: 60/buy doedsaddle
Good Equus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_equussaddle
Good Equus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicequussaddle
Good Gacha SaddlePrice: 60/buy gachasaddle
Good Gasbag SaddlePrice: 60/buy gasbagsaddle
Good Giganotosaurus SaddlePrice: 20/buy gigasaddle
Good Karkinos SaddlePrice: 60/buy karksaddle
Good Magmasaur SaddlePrice: 60/buy magmasaursaddle
Good Magmasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_magmasaddle
Good Mammoth SaddlePrice: 60/buy mammothsaddle
Good Mammoth Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_mammothsaddle
Good Managarmr SaddlePrice: 60/buy managarmrsaddle
Good Managarmr Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_manasaddle
Good Mantis SaddlePrice: 60/buy mantissaddle
Good Mantis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_mantissaddle
Good Mantis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicmantissaddle
Good Megachelon Platform Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_megachelonplatsaddle
Good Megalodon SaddlePrice: 60/buy megalodonsaddle
Good Megalosaurus SaddlePrice: 60/buy megalossaddle
Good Megalosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_megalossaddle
Good Megatherium SaddlePrice: 60/buy megasaddle
Good Megatherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_megatheriumsaddle
Good Mosasaur Platform Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_mosaplatsaddle
Good Mosasaurus Saddle Price: 60/buy mosasaddle
Good Paraceratherium SaddlePrice: 60/buy parasaddle
Good Parasaur SaddlePrice: 60/buy parasaursaddle
Good Parasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_parassaddle
Good Parasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicparassaddle
Good Platform Paraceratherium SaddlePrice: 100/buy paraplatsaddle
Good Platform Paraceratherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_paracerplatsaddle
Good Platform Quetzalcoatlus SaddlePrice: 100/buy quetzplatsaddle
Good Platform Quetzalcoatlus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_quetzplatsaddle
Good Procoptodon SaddlePrice: 60/buy procoaddle
Good Pteranodon SaddlePrice: 60/buy pterasaddle
Good Pteranodon Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_parasaursaddle
Good Pteranodon Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicparasaursaddle
Good Pteranodon Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_pterasaddle
Good Pteranodon Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epicpterasaddle
Good Quetzalcoatlus SaddlePrice: 60/buy quetzsaddle
Good Ravager SaddlePrice: 60/buy ravagersaddle
Good Ravager Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_ravagersaddle
Good Rex Saddle Price: 60/buy rexsaddle
Good Rex Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_rexsaddle
Good Rock Drake SaddlePrice: 60/buy rockdrakesaddle
Good Rock Elemental SaddlePrice: 60/buy rockelementalsaddle
Good Rock Elemental Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_rockelementalsaddle
Good Roll Rat SaddlePrice: 60/buy rollratsaddle
Good Roll Rat Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_rollratsaddle
Good Snow Owl SaddlePrice: 60/buy snowowlsaddle
Good Snow Owl Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_snowowlsaddle
Good Spinosaur SaddlePrice: 60/buy spinosaddle
Good Spinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_spinosaddle
Good Stego SaddlePrice: 60/buy stegosaddle
Good Stego Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_stegosaddle
Good Tapejara SaddlePrice: 60/buy xtapesaddle
Good Terror Bird SaddlePrice: 60/buy terrorbirdsaddle
Good Terror Bird Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_terrorbirdsaddle
Good Therizinosaur SaddlePrice: 60/buy therisaddle
Good Therizinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_therisaddle
Good Therizinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1800/buy bp_epictherisaddle
Good Thylacoleo SaddlePrice: 60/buy thylasaddle
Good Thylacoleo Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_thylasaddle
Good Triceratops SaddlePrice: 60/buy trikesaddle
Good Triceratops Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1000/buy bp_trikesaddle
Good Tropeognathus SaddlePrice: 60/buy tropeognathussaddle
Good Tusoteuthis SaddlePrice: 60/buy tusosaddle
Good Tusoteuthis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 1500/buy bp_tusosaddle
Good Velonasaur SaddlePrice: 60/buy velonasaursaddle
Good Velonasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_velonasaursaddle
Good Woolly Rhino SaddlePrice: 60/buy rhinosaddle
Good Woolly Rhino Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_rhinosaddle
Good Yutyrannus SaddlePrice: 60/buy yutysaddle
Good Yutyrannus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 800/buy bp_yutysaddle
Legendary Amargasaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenamargasaddle
Legendary Andrewsarchus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 15000/buy bp_legenandrewsaddle
Legendary Argentavis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenargisaddle
Legendary Arthropluera Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenarthrosaddle
Legendary Basilisk Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legenbasilisksaddle
Legendary Basilosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenbasilosaddle
Legendary Carbonemys Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legencarbosaddle
Legendary Carcharodontosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 6000/buy bp_legencarcharsaddle
Legendary Deinonychus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legendeinosaddle
Legendary Desmodus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 15000/buy bp_legendesmodussaddle
Legendary Diplodocus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legendiplosaddle
Legendary Equus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenequussaddle
Legendary Giganotosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legengigasaddle
Legendary Magmasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legenmagmasaddle
Legendary Mammoth Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenmammothsaddle
Legendary Managarmr Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legenmanasaddle
Legendary Mantis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenmantissaddle
Legendary Megachelon Platform Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legenmegachelonplatsaddle
Legendary Megalodon Tek SaddlePrice: 50000/buy legenteksaddlemega
Legendary Megalodon Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 100000/buy bp_legenteksaddlemega
Legendary Megalosaurus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenmegalossaddle
Legendary Megatherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenmegatheriumsaddle
Legendary Mosasaur Platform Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legenmosaplatsaddle
Legendary Mosasaur Tek SaddlePrice: 50000/buy legenteksaddlemosa
Legendary Mosasaur Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 100000/buy bp_legenteksaddlemosa
Legendary Parasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenparassaddle
Legendary Platform Paraceratherium Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenparacerplatsaddle
Legendary Platform Quetzalcoatlus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenquetzplatsaddle
Legendary Pteranodon Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenparasaursaddle
Legendary Pteranodon Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenpterasaddle
Legendary Ravager Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenravagersaddle
Legendary Rex Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenrexsaddle
Legendary Rex Tek SaddlePrice: 50000/buy legenteksaddlerex
Legendary Rex Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 100000/buy bp_legenteksaddlerex
Legendary Rock Drake Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legenrockdrakesaddle
Legendary Rock Drake Tek SaddlePrice: 50000/buy legenteksaddlerockdrake
Legendary Rock Drake Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 100000/buy bp_legenteksaddlerockdrake
Legendary Rock Elemental Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenrockelementalsaddle
Legendary Roll Rat Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenrollratsaddle
Legendary Snow Owl Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legensnowowlsaddle
Legendary Spinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenspinosaddle
Legendary Stego Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenstegosaddle
Legendary Tapejara Tek SaddlePrice: 50000/buy legenteksaddletape
Legendary Tapejara Tek Saddle BlueprintPrice: 100000/buy bp_legenteksaddletape
Legendary Terror Bird Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenterrorbirdsaddle
Legendary Therizinosaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legentherisaddle
Legendary Thylacoleo Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legenthylasaddle
Legendary Triceratops Saddle BlueprintPrice: 4000/buy bp_legentrikesaddle
Legendary Tusoteuthis Saddle BlueprintPrice: 5000/buy bp_legentusosaddle
Legendary Velonasaur Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenvelonasaursaddle
Legendary Woolly Rhino Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenrhinosaddle
Legendary Yutyrannus Saddle BlueprintPrice: 3500/buy bp_legenyutysaddle


Berry seed pack (x50 each)Price: 75/buy berryseedpack
R seed pack (x25)Price: 250/buy rseedpack
Vegetable seed pack (x50 each)Price: 100/buy vegseedpack
X seed pack (x50)Price: 120/buy xseedpack
Y seed pack (x50)Price: 120/buy yseedpack
Z seed pack (x25)Price: 200/buy zseedpack

Unlock Tek Engrams

Unlock all Alpha Moeder's TEK engramsPrice: 15000/buy unlock_moeder_tek
Unlock all Alpha Rockwell's TEK engramsPrice: 10000/buy unlock_rockwell_tek
Unlock all of Alpha Rockwell Prime's TEK engramsPrice: 45000/buy unlock_rockwellprime_tek
Unlock all the Alpha Broodmother`s Lysrix TEK engramsPrice: 6000/buy unlock_broodmother_tek
Unlock all The Alpha Corrupted Master Controller's TEK engramsPrice: 25000/buy unlock_mastercontroller_tek
Unlock all the Alpha Dragon's TEK engramsPrice: 10000/buy unlock_dragon_tek
Unlock all the Alpha Megapithecus`s TEK engramsPrice: 8000/buy unlock_mega_tek